Chris Noeth

Chris Noeth

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First Name * Chris
Last Name * Noeth
Username * ChrisNoeth
Country * Germany
City Muennerstadt
Nationality German
Languages English



Availability: Freelance


My name is Chris Noeth. I’m a game-, comic-book-artist and illustrator from Germany specialized in creating entertainment art.

I’m working as a professional artist in the game biz since 1999. I do everything from thumbnails, pixel graphics, pixel animations, concept art, character design, environment design, storyboards, illustrations, colors, digital paintings to 3D modelling, texturing and animation.

Some of the PC games I worked on are Lula3D, Far West and Railroad Pioneer. Some of the mobile games I worked on as a lead artist: Ancient Ruins, Space Guerillas, Pirates Ahoy, Townsmen 2, Townsmen 3 (this game got 14 awards with graphics done 100% by me), Townsmen Racing, Flitzer, Glory of the Roman Empire, Funky Monkey, My Model Train… and many many more.

I also was the artist of the German comic ‘Nova Centurio’, pencilled a story by Dan Abnett and Rik Hoskin for the ‘Psyence Fiction’ comic and illustrated different RPG articles and book covers. I'm also the artist and co-creator of the new science-fiction comic 'Alpha Bettie' which is written by IDW-editor Dan Taylor.

In April 2007 I quit my job as a lead artist to work freelance 100%. Since May 2007 I’m working in comics and illustration full time. My first project is a story for the new 'Tales from the Crypt' comics from Papercutz.

I'm also working as an author on different game- and art-related workshops for magazines like the 3D magazine 'Creative Live' and the biggest German game developer magazine 'GameStar/dev' and I'm teaching a course at the University Of Applied Sciences in Wuerzburg about '3D modelling and animation'.

More about me and my current projects you can read online at:

- Chris


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